ICV Certification Service

In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar Petroleum (QP) has launched Tawteen, a Supply Chain Localization Program for the Energy sector in Qatar. In-Country Value (ICV) initiative is an integral program of Tawteen.


Under the ICV program, suppliers are required to submit their ICV scorecard and/or ICV plan submission templates which are to be certified by QP-approved ICV certifiers. The ICV Certifiers will issue ICV Certificates containing the ICV scores which will play a fundamental role in energy companies’ bid evaluation and contract awarding.


JBA & Partner is thrilled to be supporting the successful implementation of the Tawteen ICV program and we would be pleased to help any suppliers with their ICV certification process. To discuss how we can assist you with your ICV certification, you can contact our ICV Team at:


Email: office@jbapartner.com

Contact Numbers: +974 66073109 / +974 44911893