Founder Message

Mr. Jaber Bin Ali Al Hedfa

In 2005, I envisioned an organisation where a difference can be made and where excellence is as important as integrity. The mission to contribute toward economic growth and a healthy business environment ingrained from a guiding light that every decision counts with core values of quality and integrity - inspired the birth of Al Hedfa Auditing & Accounting, known later as JBA & Partner.

Indeed, there is no shortcut to excellence. Establishing trust and reputation is one thing, but we recognize that the corporate and business arena has entered a transformational era. The commercial environment constantly evolves, new industries emerge, advanced technologies are regularly introduced and consumer preferences unfold. These have made companies adapt to multifaceted transactions and structures.

Thus, there is also a need for us not only to keep pace on our clients’ changes but to push past our limits in this intellectually challenging profession. We have focused our efforts to improve audit relevance and reliability as well as independence and client transparency.

Moreover, Auditors in Qatar have expanded and innovated our auditing service lines to meet the rising complexities of the demands and issues of our clients, be it on audit or non-audit areas. We work closely with them and understand their needs for them to reach full potentials.

I am grateful to see that the organization I have envisioned a decade ago, has now been making a difference. And in our continued search for excellence and service innovations, our aspirations to impact on the greater good has never been more compelling than today.

Mr. Nader Fouad Abou Zahra

For more than a decade, JBA & Partner has upheld its grounding principle that every client’s decision counts. Our qualified professionals with intensive experience in the international arena have garnered the trust of wide-ranging clients by continually delivering topnotch services and going beyond expectations.

Our endeavours do not cease to this end. With collaborative efforts and sacrifices over the years, our firm has materialised several feats that honed our professional pursuits and specialised skills. We have been recognized and licensed by various legal, commercial and regulatory bodies in the country such as the Qatar Supreme Court, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Qatar Central Bank, Qatar Development Bank and recently, Qatar Petroleum in its In-Country Value program. Today as we come across sustained corporate progress, we intend to focus not on commercialism but professionalism.

Despite this contemporary issue faced by the accounting and auditing profession, our work as professionals is aimed to maximise public interest. It is towards the actualization of our utmost purpose being on public practice, that is, to provide audit reliability, to protect the public good, and be actively involved with national economic growth.

In line with this, we direct our efforts on the development of potential for our people, our clients, and the local society. We acknowledge our people as our prime assets. Hence, not only are we implementing expansion in our workforce, but it is also our imperative priority to maintain our people’s proficient knowledge and skills to convey competent professional services based on the latest advances in the undertaking, statutes, and techniques.

In addition, we strive to play a bigger role in the economy by fostering client potential, especially SMEs. We have paralleled our efforts with the government’s Qatar National Vision (2030) of “building a bridge from the present to future through economic diversification”. The government’s endeavour in promoting entrepreneurship and private sectors is to encourage a diversified economy with lessened dependence on hydrocarbon and gas industries. We extend assistance by providing ICV Certification services, project ideas to SMEs, business plans, market studies, enterprise strategy design, business diagnosis, merger and acquisitions, restructuring, statutory audit and integrated accounting frameworks for them to be competitive enterprises.

In the years to come, we at JBA & Partner are thrilled to go alongside our clients as they enter the era marked by the upsurge of the global economy. In doing so we believe we have contributed not only to the micro but also to the macro level of economic progress.