The Role of the Consultant in Establishing a Business in Qatar

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By Ahamed Bathihi

Qatar has one of the highest per capita income in the world thanks to its O&G wealth and world-class infrastructure along with its excellent business environment; therefore, the business consultancy services are very much helpful for investors who want to do business in Qatar as the services will allow achieving their legal, financial, and business goals.

Assessing the business opportunities will require extensive research about the business sector and market to be followed by having the proper setup and getting all the licenses required for conducting and operating the business in the shortest time possible.

Appointing a business and financial consultancy firm is the first step in exploiting the business opportunities and in setting up a business in Qatar.

JBA & Partner will initially assess the planned business in terms of financial viability taking into consideration the demand and market factors and can also assist the investor in securing the financing, if required, by introducing local investors to be part of the business or through banks such as Qatar Development Bank (QDB) where JBA & Partner is an approved partner.

The Consultant will also advise on the best route and legal structure to follow and will provide all assistance in establishing the company in line with the requirements of the commercial law in addition to receiving all the licenses required to operate the business within Qatar.

The business establishment/registration in Qatar follows these summarized steps:

1. Deciding on the legal form of the company (Limited Liability Company, Joint Company, Equities Partnership Company, Limited Partnership Company, Shareholding Company, or otherwise).

2. Choosing a Trade name for the enterprise.

3. Drafting and signing the Articles of Association and getting the approval of the Ministry of Justice.

4. Submitting the name and the articles of association to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) and processing the application through the concerned department based on the business activity to receive the Commercial Registration (CR).

5. Once the CR is issued, the investor can finally open a corporate bank account.

6. After the CR has been released, the investor will need a Trade License which allows having an office space for conducting business activities.

7. For the hiring of employees and providing them with a Residence Permit, the investor will need a Computer Card that states who is the signing authority of the company and is issued by the Immigration authorities.

JBA & Partner services are not only limited to assessing the viability of the business and helping in the business registration procedures but also extend to providing the support during operation including the financial services such as setting up the accounting system/books, providing financial audit, accounting advisory, tax planning, income tax declaration, etc. all in line with the accounting standards that are applicable in Qatar.

If you would like to know more about how JBA & Partner can help you to establish and operate your business in Qatar please contact us at +974 6669 3950 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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