Market Study in Qatar

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By Nagi Kaldawi

Market Study or Research is a critical part of any business strategy irrespective of its business model (B2B or B2C), size, and the sector it operates in.

Market research involves gathering information through primary research about the competition, supply of services/products, demographics, target market, market trends, etc. once this information is assessed and analyzed, the outcome is used by the business owners to taking crucial business decisions to enhance the operational performance.

The market research is a key part of any strategic planning process that can be used by both, startups (including international/regional businesses who would like to enter the local market) and existing/ongoing businesses; the outcome of the market research is used as an input in the business and financial plan when setting the targeted objectives and goals in the strategic action plan.

Market research helps businesses achieve growth and sustainability whether the business owners are undertaking restructuring/turnaround plans, introducing new products/services, or simply want to enhance their current offerings and achieve growth by reaching a wider (or new) market(s).

Additionally, market research is considered to be a vital part of any feasibility study or business valuation; without having complete market information, it will not be possible to make any realistic financial projection on how the business will perform in the future.

As one of JBA & Partner services, the market research is not only limited to the Qatari Market; the market research can also be performed outside Qatar as may be needed for example by the local manufacturers who intend to export their products to regional and international markets as it helps to identify the positioning of their products (quality and specs), understanding the market specifics, identifying competitors, analyzing the demand and market size, and setting up the target export prices with the most appropriate distribution channel.

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