Market Research & Feasibility Study

Market Research & Feasibility Study


Market Research
& Feasibility Study

Having a comprehensive Feasibility Study is one of the key requirements to assess the establishment of a new business; it is also a prerequisite to securing bank Financial loans service & acquiring industrial land in Qatar.

JBA & Partner advisory team helps you to assess the viability of your business idea by analyzing the factors needed to have a successful project; the scope of services includes (based on the project’s specifics and special requirements):

Market Research: JBA & Partner market research team will carry out primary research specifically planned for the project’s products or services to analyze and assess the competition, supply and demand, target market, market trends, target segment, potential buyers, etc. The market research report is a key input in any strategic planning process that is useful for startups and ongoing businesses; it helps set business objectives while taking into consideration the market factors.

Feasibility Study: It covers the business overview and legal structure; the details of the products or services; the market assessment covering the competition, market size, market share, market GAP, marketing plan, implementation schedule, and SWOT analysis; the technical assessment covering the required manning, used technology, raw materials cost and sourcing, project location, required permits, and manufacturing process; the financial assessment that cover the estimated investment costs, financing structure/bank loan, revenue assumptions, cost assumptions, profit & loss and cash flow statements, and the financial indicators such as return on investment (ROI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), payback period, break-even analysis, ratio analysis, risk analysis, and sensitivity analysis.

In some instances, and based on the bank requirements, the scope of the feasibility study can extend to be a Business Plan with Technical and Financial Feasibility which incorporate additional details with the business strategy.

Appointing a reputable and qualified advisory firm is the first step in exploiting the business opportunities and in setting up a new business in Qatar; the transparent feasibility study will be concluded with the critical success factors with alternative practical solutions along with the way forward to have a sustainable business operation.

JBA & Partner advisory team has completed 400+ feasibility studies and market research for projects of all sizes (including mega projects) in Qatar having a combined total value of 2.5 billion QAR.

In addition assessing the viability of the business project, service is used to secure bank loans, grant industrial lands, and participate in tenders (Tawteen) with help  Feasibility Studies produced by JBA & Partner. We also provide our clients with numerous value-added information and recommendations that pertain to their business development and work plans during implementation.

JBA & Partner is an approved partner/consultant for feasibility studies at most major banks including Qatar Development Bank (QDB – Al-Dhameen program and direct lending), QNB, etc.; QFZ (Qatar Free Zone Authority) and Manateq (land allocation); Single Window (Ministry of Commerce and Industry); and Tawteen (Investor Pack Feasibility Study, Supply Chain Localization Program for the Energy sector in Qatar).









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