Market Research & Feasibility Study


Market Research
& Feasibility Study

The Lead of JBA & Partner in Preparing Feasibility Studies

We are one of the truste Market Research company in Qatar .The studies that we prepare are made with full transparency and shows the actual expected outcomes of the study following the market research and financial outcomes. Whenever needed, our Accountants in Qatar performs market surveys with potential customers of the intended product or service as part of the market demand assessment and analysis to reach a realistic market size with the expected growth in the following years.

When developing feasibility study in Doha or market research, we provide to the Client numerous value added information and recommendations that pertain to their business development and work plans during implementation.

These recommendations and suggestions will be provided as practical solutions that cover the following:

The Marketing Strategy: Which is crucial for the market penetration and how to reach the identified target market while considering competition.

The Pricing Strategy: Which takes into consideration the project’s costs and market competition while also considering the quality of the products or services

The Technical Aspects: Our Market Research Companies in Qatar team will study and analyze the best suitable equipment technologies – where applicable in order to propose the best combination for the equipment with the optimum cost.

The Manning Aspects: Market Research Companies in Qatar (JBA & Partner) team will propose the manning requirements covering the job descriptions and responsibilities, staff qualifications and required experiences, salary packages, and sourcing.

The Permits and Licenses Requirements: JBA & Partner assist its Clients in identifying the required legal aspects and licenses requirements required to establish the business along with the work steps and expected time frames.

The Strategic Goals and Objective: JBA & Partner team will identify the projects’ strategic goals and plans covering the required resources and time frame with recommendations on how to implement these along with their effect if these are not met.

The Critical Success Factors: JBA & Partner (feasibility studies companies in Doha) team will identify the projects’ Critical Success Factors and will recommend the resources and implementation steps required to achieve these critical success factors.

Alternative Solutions: As may be required, JBA & Partner ,The  market research companies in qatar team will study and recommend the alternative business solutions and business model in order to ensure business success based on the outcome of the study.

The guidelines and practical solutions that are provided by JBA & Partner are critical and highly important for our Clients to secure a successful and sustainable business.

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