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All successful Auditors in Qatar function effectively because of their established policies and procedures. Policies and procedures are needed for a variety of purpose including but not limited to the following: regulations compliance, organized business processes, operational requirements, internal controls, risk management, employee training and continuous efficiencies. Policies and procedures can be a tool in designing the mechanism of exchange information between department.

JBA & Partner , The Market Research companies in qatar policies and procedures services help to achieve organization’s goals in two different services. First, by developing, designing and writing policies and procedures that is customized specifically for the organization. In this service, JBA & Partner accountants in Qatar will ensure that practice for work processes are consistent, it will serve as a training tool and guidelines for employees, incorporates the best practice from the organization and help improve the current processes. And secondly, policies and procedures are not set in stone and should be consistently reviewed for its effectiveness, efficiencies, and to ensure that what is being done in practice is adding value. JBA & Partner will help to review and update existing policies and procedures. By getting this service, our consultants will determine if policies and procedures are effective, efficient and updated as the changes needed.

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