Policies and Procedures (P&P)


Policies and Procedures

The Policies and procedures are a vital part of any company; these provide a roadmap for a smooth day-to-day operation, give guidance for decision-making, allow better operational control, and most importantly increase the work efficiency of the staff and eliminate any repetitive or duplication in tasks and duties.

The most important aspect of the policies and procedures is to be followed and implemented by the employees as otherwise they won’t do any good and serve the purpose.

That is why JBA & Partner consultants are keen and careful when they prepare the policies and procedures for clients; the procedures should be clear, short, and easy to understand and follow while serving the desired purpose.

Each policy and procedure prepared by JBA & Partner Consultants is based on best practices and is customized to the unique requirements of each client; the process starts by visiting the client’s premises and meeting with the concerned staff and department heads to understand the functions, tasks, and duties that each of them performs.

The consultant will then prepare the organizational chart showing the different departments/functions of the company with the job titles whereby each will have its job description which will be aligned with the required procedures and each will have its flow chart with the required forms for easy implementation.

The prepared procedures have their internal control system that is done through a periodical internal audit by one of the Client’s assigned staff to ensure proper implementation.

JBA & Partner consultants also provide all the training required for implementation in addition to any other support to ensure that these policies and procedures are effective, efficient, and serve the purpose.

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