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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has been adopted as an internationally accepted reporting framework. We believe that market research companies in Qatar should perceive the changes in accounting standards far more than just an accounting exercise. We bring together the best of our professionals to help clients understand and respond to the changes in accounting standards that currently impact:

First time adopters, currently converting to IFRS

Existing IFRS preparers currently considering the proposed changes to the standards

To adopt IFRS or to migrate to IFRS, companies require a good ground work on financial reporting, a deep knowledge of the technical aspects relating to accounting and disclosure and a well-equipped team to execute it.

The qualified professionals of JBA & Partner can help you in an easy transition to IFRS by giving tailored services to clients and accompanying them in the transition. We will assist in understanding how each standard affects your financial statements and how you can implement them with minimum business disruption. Our professionals will be accessible throughout the implementation and post implementation of IFRS framework making sure you have access to all requirements that best suit your business in the most uncomplicated way possible.

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