Double Tax Treatment


Double Tax

Double tax treatment is the levying of tax by two or more jurisdictions on the same source of earned income, assets or any financial transaction. Double tax treatment can occur both on a corporate and personal level or in international trade.

A double taxation treaty is a reciprocal arrangement between two or more countries that reduces the amount of tax that a foreign worker or company must pay. This double taxation treaty states

  • Which country has the taxing rights 
  • Which income or gains from tax may exempt 
  • Allow offsetting the tax paid in one country against the tax due from another country

The State of Qatar entered agreements with more than forty countries to avoid double tax treatment. Some of these are the Arab League, France, Russia, Turkey, Italy, China, Malaysia and many more.

JBA & Partner will help you to avoid double tax treatment. Our tax consultants help to apply for partial or full exemption of income tax in the State of residence or assist in applying for a tax credit for the tax paid in the State of the source.

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