Preparation of Returns (Income Tax Declaration)


of Returns

A tax return or Income tax declaration is a statement wherein a taxpayer acknowledges and declares the amount of taxable income and the tax due in accordance with the form provided by PRTD.

Companies subject to tax shall submit an income tax declaration and pay the tax due to PRTD within four months from the end of the accounting period. Those companies exempt from tax are still required to file income tax declarations with the balance sheet and the profits and losses account audited by an accredited auditor as attachments.

The penalty for late filing of tax returns is QAR100 per day of delay to a maximum of QAR36,000. A separate penalty applies for the late payment of tax, which is 1.5% of the amount of tax due per month, or part thereof, up to the amount of the tax due.

These financial and legal consequences might occur due to failure to comply with regulations, notwithstanding whether the noncompliance is inadvertent or unintentional to the penalised company. Companies are exposed to these risks, all the more reason to seek an accounting partner firm with technical and professional expertise.

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