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JBA & Partner provides independent and transparent company valuation in Qatar services using different approaches /methods based on the type of business and whether it is a new or ongoing business. Every day we work hard to ensure our clients receive accurate and thorough valuation reports completed on time and within budget.

Our team has an extensive experience in providing the valuations services and are able to carefully design the valuation reports that meet the business needs of our clients. We have the skills and resources to handle your valuation needs in different business sectors throughout Qatar and Middle East Countries.

We believe that company valuation in Qatar is an important tool that assists investors and owners to take important decisions provided that reporting is clear and shows the big picture.

In JBA & Partner, we will help you from planning and preparation, selection of the most suitable business valuation services, up to the application of the methods and tools to arrive towards the final business value. Our professional valuators assist clients to evaluate their ongoing business using multiple methods such as Income Approach (discount cash flow), Asset-Based Approach, and EBITDA Multiple. Our business valuation service will help clients arrive to an appropriate and objective estimate of their business value.

Our Advisory Business Valuation Principles:

Value relates to a specific point in time.
Value is a function of future expectations held at a specific point in time.
Value is a function of what a business expects to earn.
Liquidity of a business has a direct impact on its price.

We value the following:

Ownership Interests in Real Estate Entities.
Family Business.
Limited Liability Companies.
Private Business.
Intangible Assets.
Intellectual Property.

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