Business Valuation

Business Valuation



Company or business valuation is the key instrument that allows the business owners to know how much their ongoing business is worth as it values the share price of the company that is used whenever they need to sell their business (in part or whole); as such, the business valuation document is also used by the investors who seek to buy shares in any company.

Our team of highly experienced professional consultants and financial advisors provide the most advanced methods that suit the unique requirement of every client irrespective of the company size or type of industry.

Depending on the business type and sector, JBA & Partner team of consultants applies the proper valuation approach to come up with the fair present value of the company, these include which can be:

Discounted cash flow approach
Asset-Based approach
EBITDA Multiple Based Approach.

To have a comprehensive business valuation, the team of consultants undertakes a market study to further assess the demand, competition, trends, market size, economic factors, etc. of the company’s products or services in addition to conducting a risk analysis for the business and pertaining investment.

The business valuation also incorporates the analysis of the past financial and operational performance, the current challenges facing the business, the business plans, etc. which will all be reflected in the financial forecasts and future business potentials to calculate the present fair value of the business.

The business valuation report that is produced by JBA & Partner team is transparent, thorough, and follows the best practices; it is meant to equally serve the potential buyers and sellers of the business and it provides all the information needed by the investors covering the investment they are required to pay, the share percentage, the annual profits, the payback period (the time required to return their paid investments), business risk, etc.

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