Due Diligence



Due diligence Financial consultants Qatar offer services are crucial when there is a need for intense analytical inspection of a business from all aspects including operational, legal, financial, functional etc., to ensure that the engaged parties are not liable to any losses. Due diligence is compulsory task in mergers and acquisitions as it helps clients weed out any unprofitable investment opportunities.

Indulging in due diligence is a time-consuming task that requires great amount of skill and expertise. We, at JBA and Partner, can perform this task with the help of our knowledgeable team of experts who hold deep industry knowledge of different sectors namely distribution, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail and technology, among others. Thus, we can help clients navigate through any complex transaction easily.

Our specialists team will assist clients in the following:

Understanding various aspects of a deal

Enabling clients to make informed decisions pertaining to a deal

Relying on results derived by the team of experts

Reducing risk of uncertainty for the engaged parties

Adding credibility to the facts and figures

Allowing for greater control over the transactions and hence better pricing

Rapid and easy execution of a deal

Our role as specialists is not limited to investigating the financial aspects, but also involves thorough analysis of other determining factors like tax, legal, and HR. Our services will include the following:

Financial due diligence

Quality of earnings (QOE)

Tax due diligence

Independent business plans review

Segment reporting assistance

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