Transaction Execution



JBA & Partner Professional Team assists the company’s management in executing business transactions for the best interests of all parties and investors.

The transactions can be applied to the following (the business case):

  • New projects (idea stage or under-development) whereby the needs would include equity financing, introducing a strategic and technical partner(s), or business advisory.
  • Existing Companies or Projects which are under operation and the needs would include projects’ completion / implementation, business expansion, enhancing the market standing and competitiveness, enter new markets (including exports), secure long term sustainability, and to enhance the work efficiency.

The process of the transaction execution follows these steps:

The Engagement: Following the engagement, JBA & Partner will evaluate the business and will prepare the Information Memorandum (IM) or the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) which will cover the management, market, and financial assessment of the (new or existing) business in addition to the subscription details (minimum capital shares, investors' eligibility, value of the shares, etc.), business plans, risk factors, and exit strategy.

Assessment and Deliverables: JBA & Partner will collect the necessary data, assess the Client's goals and operations, assess the market and financial aspects, and develop the business strategy which are all part of the Business Valuation / PPM or information document; As may be required, we will also prepare a Teaser which include a brief about the transaction opportunity without mentioning any names or actual references.

Introducing New Partners / Investors: JBA & Partner will use its connections and PR to identify the potential partners that might be interested in the new venture; the potential new partners will be given a brief on the business opportunity along with a copy of the Teaser Document for their personal evaluation.

Shortlisting the New Partners: JBA & Partner will shortlist the potential partners based on their level of interest, their added value on the business, their strategic role on the long term, in addition to their reputation and financial strength.

Deal Negotiation: JBA & Partner will sign a Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) with the shortlisted potential partners and will present the full transaction details to the prospective partners (this include providing all necessary documents) and will address all concerns and respond to the questions and inquiries raised by the potential partners.

Closing of the Transaction: JBA & Partner will negotiate the transaction deal including the review of all legal documentation in coordination with the Client's lawyer in order to finalize, on best efforts basis, the closing of the transaction.

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