Services to Local Manufacturers

The industrial sector is one of the main pillars of the national economy; the Qatari Government is supporting the industrial sector to achieve self-sufficiency and to increase the contribution of the industrial sector to the GDP.

JBA & Partner has successfully conducted numerous engagements that relate to industrial projects and has gained substantial on-hand experience that can support local manufacturers and start-up industrial companies to overcome business challenges and grow their business.

The services to the local manufacturers include providing technical partnership for know-how, technical support, design and installation of the production line, and investment participation. JBA & Partner can also introduce international companies to provide products and services in Qatar under their own brand name through partnership agreements with local investors and entrepreneurs.

We can also assist the local manufacturers to export their products to regional and international markets by improving the competitiveness of their products, finding export markets, preparing sales literature and promotional programs, setting up the channels of distribution, and negotiating the sales prices with potential international customers for getting purchase orders.

The supporting services include assisting the manufacturers to maximize their returns by planning/implementing their pricing strategy, assessing the market/direct competitors, calculating the production costs/yields, setting up the required quality and product specs, optimizing the production process, reviewing the supply chain and production schedules, developing inventory control mechanism, and analyzing all the financial aspects and prepares forecasts.