Business Valuation of a Business in Qatar

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by Nader Abou Zahra

 With its political and economic stability, high-quality infrastructure, and one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, Qatar has a vibrant economy that promotes economic security and is an excellent investment environment for foreign and local investors who seek to acquire ongoing businesses in Qatar.

Company or business valuation is the key tool that allows investors to undertake informative investment decisions in a specific company; depending on the business type and sector, the consultant applies the proper valuation approach (discount cash flow, Asset-Based, EBITDA Multiple, etc.) to come up with the fair present value of the company.

A proper business valuation must be supported by a market study that analyzes the competition, the target market, the current and future demand, the economic factors along with demand driver, and the risk factors and risk mitigation strategies to be able to project the market size, market GAPs, expected market share, etc. which are all required to prepare the financial forecast and future business potentials to calculate the present fair value of the business.

Other key factors that should be analyzed during the process, are the past financial and operational performance, the current challenges facing the business, the future business plans (expansion, introducing new services/products) along with the required cash investment and the need for equity or bank loan financing which are all part of the inputs and analysis required for the business valuation.

The business valuation provides all the needed answers to all investors such as how much the investment amount, the expected payback of the paid investment, annual profits, business risks, and exit strategies; these are in addition to all other market attributes including the analysis of the business sector, demand drivers, competition, economic factors, etc.   

For foreigners who are interested in acquiring businesses in Qatar, “Foreign Investment Law” Law No. 1/2019 allows for up to 100% foreign ownership in certain business sectors which are considered to be a priority for the Qatari Government.

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